Transportation services

There is a special department within the complex that provides transportation services to the holding and its partners. The personnel have a great experience in delivering different types of goods such as consumer goods, radio electronic equipment, household appliances and computers.

Our partners such as ROSCO, Kintetsu World Express (KWE), 07RU, Toshiba CIS, Aitori, Yunitop TH have an agreement for receiving transportation services by the department.

The car park consists of both heavy load and low-tonnage trucks (Hyundai, KIA, Scania), which helps us to deliver goods to any part of the country.


Type Load Weigh capacity Working hour Minimum time Price for 1 km outside MKAD
Van 5.8 0.9 tons 490 rub. 5 h 14 rub.
Van 8 1.2 tons 490 rub. 5 h 14 rub.
Van 14—16 1.5 tons 500 rub. 6 h 16 rub.
Van 18—20 3 tons 570 rub. 7 h 18 rub.
Van 20—25 5 tons 650 rub. 7 h 23 rub.
Van 25—35 7—10 tons 770 rub. 7 h 25 rub.
SCANIA P114 with a pass to MKAD 80 м³ 20 tons 950 rub. 8 h 30 rub.

Trucks that go to long-time distance are equipped by GPS-GLONASS system (transport monitoring system), and they are constantly monitored by our specialists.

We hire only experienced drivers that are familiar with all the specifics of delivering goods.


The price depends on type of transport and the hours of operation. The price for delivering goods outside MKAD is calculated taking into account the mileage.

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